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XF 1.2 How to find fictitious accounts


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I'm looking to clean up old spam or inactive registrations. A few questions...

1) If a users profile shows their last activity was the same day they joined, does that mean they haven't been back to the forum since then or just that they haven't posted anything?I'm seeing a lot of these and they have been inactive for a few years.
If it means they haven't been back since, is there a way to locate all of these with a search?

2) Just poking around a few of these, some have links in their signatures to odd things like adopting babies in Pakistan, websites about tobacco, etc. LOL

It's obvious ones like these are not "real" members as my forum is for 1958-65 Chevy cars. They never posted anything so perhaps they joined just to put these links in a signature file in hopes of getting traffic from search engines?
So, is there any way to view all signatures quickly to possibly weed out the obvious spammers that way?

3) Is there a way to search to view ALL female members? In the 11 years I had my forum, I think I recall 2 "real" female members so I suspect most if not all of the others would be spammers.

4) Is there a way to search all members based on their IP location such as Pakistan or China? (not by what they may have filled into the location field but by their true location)

So basically, I'd like to do some good house cleaning to locate/remove these phony members. Would love to hear of any suggestions on how to CLEAN HOUSE!


1) Yes, from what I understand, that means they haven't visited your forum since they registered.

2) Sounds like spam accounts.

3) There is.

4) I don't think so, unfortunately.

Here's how you do it:
Log into your admin panel and click the users tab.
Then click Search for Users.

You then have access to sort from a variety of critera, including gender, and you can also click the Search by IP tab to search by IP.
Unfortunately, searching by IP doesn't take wildcards, so you can't search by area to my knowlege.

Hope that helps!


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Thank you. I found a lot of female members that were phony using the search.

Only bummer is I have to delete them one by one which is very time consuming... Wish there was a check-box so I could can them all with 1 push of a button! :ROFLMAO: