How to enable Image Magick?

Hey guys.

I installed Image Magick on my dedicated box to make animated GIFs work on our forums. How is it enabled though and put it action? I can't seem to understand this?

Thanks in advance.

Tracy Perry

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In addition to installing ImageMagick, you also need to install (or compile if using OLS/LiteSpeed) the PECL for the PHP for it.
Thank you!

And for someone who isn't familiar with terms but usually can figure out with a simple instruction, how would you go about doing that?


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yum install ImageMagick ImageMagick-devel ImageMagick-perl
pecl install imagick
echo >> /etc/php.ini
service httpd restart
Assuming CentOS.
Thank you!

Do I have to clear any caches or refresh anything else to get it to work, by the way? Or add anything else to integrate it with XenForo?

EDIT: Thanks, read the link. I've been trying to find a tutorial but didn't. Thanks!

EDIT2: A little question, just before I'm done. For some reason avatars can't be greater than 50kb, and I've been looking for ages for that config to change it, where is it?
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