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How to Embedd Amazons aStore


Active member
im an an Amazon Partenr where ive made my aStore (its like a web store only with affiliates to amazon)

Now i want to embedd these into XenForo.

I found these addon wich can make new Tabs

But i cant find one where i can make a blank page and insert my ScriptCode.

My Goal is to get a NavBar Tab named Shop where you klick on and have a "blank" ( header + nave + footer but no content) where my astore widget is shown.

The Code wich i must insert looks like these:

tag)script type="text/javascript"(tag)!--
amazon_ad_title="My Shop - Shop"; //--></script>
(tag)script type="text/javascript" src="http://ir-de.amazon-adsystem.com/s/asw.js"(tag)/script(tag)
(i changed a code a bit that it wont get striped)

with best +DS_DV+

PS: i googeld a bit and found these Picture for better understanding http://www.grundlagen-computer.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/mein-Amazon-aStore.jpg


Active member
Ok so i got a node where i embedded my aStore just works fine :D (at least in the demo)

no i have 2 follow up questions:

1.) best addon to link it into the navigation)
2.) how to hide it from the forum (it should only be in the navigation bar)