how to disallow post of Email-address in thread ?


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is there any way to disallow users to post their Email-address into a Forum post ?

I do have many members who just sign-up to make 1 Forum post at which they enter just some text and then spam it with their website-URL and their Gmail-address.

Is there a way to disallow entering an Email-adress, maybe disallowing the "@" sign in the Editor or something ? Or maybe disallowing it with the same way XF is changing sware-words into **** stars ?

It would be great to have this not on a usergroup-basis, but probably to disallow it for users who have less than 5 posts.

The reason for this is that I do not want to have my Forum-threads cluttered with "Gmail addresses" and guests just getting in touch with my members via those "Gmail-addresses" posted, but to have new users sign-up and get in touch with my existing members via Private-Conversation.

Appreciate your help in how to achieve this !



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phhhhh........ nope :)

I just don't want the user (e.g.: when he has less than 5 Forum-posts) to post their crappy email-address into the threads.....

I need to find that option in ACP where it lets allow you to "ban" the sware-words, so maybe it also works to enter an "@"-sign and maybe the system checks that anything with an "@"-sign is an Email-address which in turn changes the full Email-address into ***** stars. Some kind of solution like this.

For example, when there is an Email-address like this: it automagically changes it into ***********@*****.com

Then when you hover of the stars, it should display an information like e.g.: "Please Log in or Register to contact this member..."