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XF 1.4 How to disable / de-activate a users account


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I often have members asking me to delete / disable / de-activate their user accounts.

On vBulletin I have a user group set up which does a similar thing to how we would set up a banned user group - they basically can't do anything on the site except view content.

I also delete all of their subscriptions so they no longer get email notifications about things.

I'm after suggestions on a checklist of things I should do when I disable an account in XenForo to make sure people no longer receive any emails from the site and can no longer change their profile or post or send messages etc.

I have had users come back after months/years and ask me to reactivate their accounts, so I will need to be able to reverse the operation (other than restoring thread/forum subscriptions - that's not going to happen).


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First suggestion: Edit user > Actions > Managed Watched Threads > Disable email notification

Other than watched threads, under what other circumstances would a user receive emails from the forum?