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XF 1.3 How to disable 'daily summary of unconfirmed accounts' email

Is there a way to disable the daily email I receive (as the owner/administrator) that contains the daily summary of unconfirmed accounts? The email subject line is "[forums name] Account Confirmation Required"

Anyway, I honestly don't care much for seeing this report in the first place, and to be honest, it's normally empty. So, basically I'm getting an email each day with (typically) no useful information whatsoever.


Jeremy P

Well-known member
I'm pretty sure this comes from an add-on, I think the one that continually sends out confirmation emails to unconfirmed users. I think the report can be disabled, but if not you could probably configure a mail filter to move it to the trash upon arrival.
You are correct. I had to grep through the directories to find it as none of the addons "sounded" like something that would do this; however, it was actually the addon: "[8wayRun.Com] XenUtiles (Pruner)".

I checked the options for this addon and it does allow for disabling the email to the end user with the reminders, but doesn't mention this email sent to the board admin. So, I'll probably just disable/uninstall the addon as I don't really use it much anyway.

Thanks for the direction and I apologize for an 'addon' related question here in the main Xenforo forums.
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