How to customize portals on XenPorta, more.

How to customize portals on XenPorta, more.

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How to customize portals on XenPorta, more - Little explanation on how to customize portals on XenPorta.

In this little tips I'm going to talk about Xenporta from @Jaxel and a way to customize portals using CSS and a little bit of JQuery.

Well, as everyone knows, it's possible to go to the ACP and play with blocks in order to put them where you want. It's also possible to choose a special skin to each category you create in order to have a nice portal with the good design. Well, it was nice until I made so much categories that it wasn't a good solution anymore. If you look at ArticleView and...

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Well, in fact I proposed something to play along with XenPorta because it doesn't allow us to style portal the way we want but you can use this kind of stuff with everything else (the Jquery). As long as you have prefixes and category, and you know exactly what you want, it's doable =D I can't help you more because I don't know ExtraPortal at all but I think it is possible yeah :)
Would you be willing to take a look, try, and perhaps make some $ off of it if. I have a test site, extra portal setup, and everything is ready to go, but finding someone to actually do the work has been harder than I expected.
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