How to create virtual currency and limit the total amount?


I want to use a virtual currency in my forum for my business class I am teaching. I want to give each team a fixed amount of money they can spend.

Is there an add-on that lets you set a fixed total amount of currency in circulation? Otherwise it seems the currency wouldn't be worth much if anyone can create as much as they want for purchasing other member's products.

So I want the students to be able to buy/subscribe to the products/services offered by other users in the forum. This would require a fixed currency in circulation.

However, I also want to award points/credits for participation in the forums.

Perhaps I could use a separate add on for this. This would be used to calculate their participation grade in my class.

It would be ideal if it was all integrated so that if you participate in the forums you earn currency which you can use to buy things in the community.

If you need the currency to tie with a real-life currency, *******'s Credits mod will be better (the third link), otherwise [bd] Banking will be your better choice as a currency system (the fifth link).

Ice shop (the first link) is needed regardless of the credits system used. XenTrader is a trading system - if you are offering member-to-member service trade then sure, you can use this mod.

Not sure what [bd] Reputation System does, never used it before.

Which would be better for tracking member participation in the forums? Also, I have tried to transfer credits to others. I have 6 credits. When I try to transfer it says I need more than 11 credits. Something must not be calculating correctly. I am finding it hard to find support or instructions for using these add-ons.

Also, the Ice Shop looks like it mike be good, but I can't figure out how to use it.

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