XF 1.4 How to create custom identities

Martok, once we find these results, "Show custom user fields" is only a styling option. What I too would like to know is how to create NEW identities, that can then be displayed in the user info sidebar with their avatar, number of posts, etc. So far I haven't been able to see any results since I've worked on this yesterday.


OK, let me try it this way, I think it will be useful for others as well:

1- I selected SHOW CUSTOM USER FIELDS in Style properties under Message Elements:


2- I create a NEW custom user field in Custom User Fields via Users - my new custom user field is Soundcloud:


3- I elected to have this show in Contact Details:


4- Under the General Options tab within the same Custom User Fields section, I elected to have this Contact Details info called Soundcloud show in message user info.


I saved all this. Looking at it, I can see Soundcloud link, but it's NOT using an icon like Skype is. As you can see, the URL doesn't really fit well either.


S O L U T I O N S :

1- Have a checkbox beside the new Contact Detail giving us the option of showing an icon of the site instead of the URL. It would pull the icon from the same place as it does Skype and show it beside the name of the site.
Montage I did in Photoshop


2- It could also completely replace the name of the site and the URL by the icon (but unless we can also use the space left for other icons, it's not a perfect solution):
Montage I did in Photoshop


3- Finally, the ideal solution would be to have the NEW custom user field obey the same rules as those who are already there, and show the icon (without name or URL showing) under the member's name. Montage I did in Photoshop.


This last one would keep everything clean and compact.

So, why isn't the NEW CUSTOM FIELD showing an icon? And where could I set this up to work?

Thank you, sorry for the number of images, but it's worth a 1,000 words! :)




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I also noticed that the Soundcloud URL is not clickable. Something isn't right...
If you use the 'Value Display HTML' field under General Options, you are able to change how the field will display in someone's Profile.

Assuming someone only enters their username, it would display as a link to their SoundCloud profile:

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 23.05.52.png
<a href="https://soundcloud.com/{$valueUrl}">{$value}</a>

AH! We're getting somewhere! So if I wanted to add an icon instead of displaying the link?

AND, how do I have these things display in the message user info + the member card?


p.s. is there a page on xenforo where those values (callbakcs?) are found so we can create our own strings?
Holy smokes... that is rad!

This would be used for a non-gaming site, though. Could this actually be a one-stop shop for everything I wanted to do for the Member Card. Unless there are many fine prints I don't yet see... :)
I had hopes, but it's still not clear... I am not seeing any expected results. No icons in sidebar. But I can see links at least.


No changes in the member card.


What am I missing?

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You'll need to post in the add-on thread if that is what you're using now for further help. Just to note you must be using XF 1.4.3 for it to work as expected. I have a faq as well in the add-on overview, it explains how to add extra fields.