How to create a language pack?

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I'd like to create a language pack for a script but don't know how to start. Is there a dummies guide for this? What all I'd need to create a language pack?

I plan to put up a forum on my site to teach our community members this long lost script. If i can do this, it will be a Big Big Leap in our quest to revive our long lost script. If you are wondering what's with this script.. well it looks like this :D

Kindly help.

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Admin CP -> Appearance -> Languages -> Export

When downloading a language you can specify untranslated phrases. Then you can edit the XML file directly to enter translations. When you are done translating you can import the XML file:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Import a Language

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Thanks Jake for your help. I am getting some ideas now but i am not sure whether changing the phrases will help or not (or if that's what i am looking for)... I am not trying to change the language of the whole site. I am only planning to put up a single forum in my site to learn the scripts...That's all.

somewhat like a member asking how to write "I Love Xenforo" (of course this will be in English) and we answer

I Love Xenforo = # !@#$^ &^@%^@ (in our script):D

----- i can see so many guys testing their languages here.. that's exactly what i want to do in my forum.. those who are comfortable in english can write in English and those who knows about the script can write in that script ---

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Ok. That has nothing to do with the language system in XenForo. That is an entirely separate production.

You can use a spreadsheet to create an simple mapping of "english to script" translations. Or just put it all in a forum post.

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Oh.. I was hoping we have some functionality to accommodate two languages in one system..:oops:

But thanks for youur help Jake.. appreciate it(y)
is there any solution to this? editing directly xml is troublesome there is bloated information all over the file, interface translation tool takes forever.


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I can't believe that a platform like xenforo isn't based on .po .mo files.. Editing line by line of a XML file is crazy.

Edit with a question:

The "Get untranslated phrases" box, shouldn't allow me to export only the terms that are equal with the english xml file? Im exporting with this box checked and it keeps the same records when its not checked
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A tool like SISUlizer seems to work wonders with the XML file. It makes the translation process definitely a lot easier!

One thing I'm finding somewhat challenging, however, is that often a word in English can be translated to two or more different words in, for example, Finnish, depending on the context, and the XML file doesn't often give a sufficient context to make the distinction for an appropriate translation. Is there any easy way to see where in xenForo a phrase is being used? Right now I've just searched through the forum folder with UNIX `find´, i.e.:

find . -type f -exec grep -H "some phrase" /dev/null {} \;
.. but that's a somewhat clumsy and slow process as once usages are found, then the next step is to decipher the found usage.
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Is it possible for me to change a word(s) in my forum for members who select English UK as their language.
Example, I have some British members whom prefer the spelling analogue instead of analog.

Could members in the USA see analog and members in the UK see analogue?

Thanks for any help!