XF 1.3 How to change the name of my forum on search engines for better SEO?

Hello there!

I need some help on SEO. I want my forum name to be ‘Pinoy Point’ only but I want it to rank on search engines as ‘Philippine Online Community’. Simply because no one type in Google Pinoy Point instead they typed Philippine Online Community. How can I do that?

I know this is possible because I see this on Digital Point see below screenshots.

Thank you Guys!

Screenshot - 2_23_2014 , 9_23_49 AM.png

Screenshot - 2_23_2014 , 9_28_47 AM.png
Shawn is good in SEO. He implemented the worlds that people are searching not just the name of his forum. Another thing I notice is when you type 'Digital Point' on Google the name of his site was 'Digital Point Forums' How it happens?

Can anyone out there gives a detailed help please...

Screenshot - 2_23_2014 , 11_06_06 AM.png


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You can still use that replacement, but instead of replacing h1 tag add
<xen:title>Awesome Forum!</xen:title>