XF 1.5 How to change the default template for email users?

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Hi there,

When an user registers in our community, it receives an email with this look:

confirm email.png
but If I send an email to any user using the Users > email users, it's a plain text.
How can I use that template for emailing?

(excuse me if it is a dumb question)



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It's not clear what you're asking.

I think you mean you want to style the emails you manually send from the ACP?
If so, you just use regular HTML/CSS and style it as required.

If you want to copy the default email template, you will need to enable debug mode to access the template.

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Hi Brogan,

What I mean is: how to add those blue bars and the styling when I send an email from the CP > USers > Email Users?
Why don't they appear by default?
I'd prefer to just add the text as if I was posting and not bothering with their styling...


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@Brogan sorry to bother you yoda of awesome XF wisdom... I wonder if you could help with a small question kinda within this same vein... I send out site emails from a 'noreply' address - is there a template I could modify to add in a "do not respond to this email" type message?

Thanks sir!