XF 1.5 how to change separator bar

see attached image i want to increase the width as most of our members are OAP's they have trouble defining the start and end of posts and nodes etc.



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Add to EXTRA.css:
.nodeList.sectionMain .categoryForumNodeInfo,
.nodeList.sectionMain .forumNodeInfo,
.nodeList.sectionMain  .pageNodeInfo,
.nodeList.sectionMain  .linkNodeInfo
    border-bottom: 5px solid orange;
Adjust the styling to suit.
brilliant worked a treat what about the posts? separating the main posts out a bit rather than the default light blue line you can barely see.
Thanks I looked through that but for the life of me I can't find where it is.

It's the only thing I have outstanding those two items I just couldn't find.


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Link me to the page and I'll help you out. But with how you describe it, you probably just have to include margin or relative:direction.


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Is this the one you mean?

For posts, I like to only have 1 border. On your forum, you both have a border-top and a border-bottom. You can style the posts like this so they would easily know what's part of the post and what's not:

Have you considered buying a theme? A cheap but extremely aesthetic would be Flat Awesome+ from PixelExit by @Russ & @Steve F. You get S-Class support too.