XF 1.4 How to change search bar z-index?

So if I add a border to "style properties > general > content" and view the webpage on google chrome, the border is over the search bar while it looks fine in firefox. How do I bring the search bar forward so the border doesn't overlap it?



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If you mean the #searchBar class, you can either edit the template directly or use EXTRA.css.


Be aware that changing it may impact other elements.
Hey Brogan, thanks for the help, but changing the z-index on that doesn't help.

Here's a screenshot of what I mean when I say it overlaps:

Trying to get it so the search bar is in front of that border.
Change it for #QuickSearch instead.

Note the default is 7500.
Unfortunately, that didn't do anything either.

Edit: NVM, I just changed the pageContent style and lowered the margin and it no longer shows. Derp.

Thanks for helping though Brogan.