MG 2.2 how to change link?


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how to change link into XFMG for unregistered users?
which file I need to modify?

into this grid

as example:
change normal link

What exactly are you trying to do... prevent guests from being able to navigate to the media and force them to register?
Or are you trying to change the link to a specific media item?
Pretty sure it can be done in a template edit. Just not sure which template you will have to edit to use conditional statements... I'll leave that to (hopefully) someone with more familiarity with it.
I have no issues on my site with allowing users to view the media... but they do have to be registered to upload any. You can simply remove the ability of guests to use the gallery.... which is going to basically correspond to the same thing you want, other than the fact they can't see that there is a gallery nor will it prompt them to register.
Also, what you are wanting to do will totally remove the ability of Google (or most search engines) to index your media, which to me sorta kills the entire point of having media to draw people in via search results.
but my intention is the make gallery grid with "register" link for unregistered users.
and make single videos url visible, so I can make promo using a feed.
Pretty sure what you are wanting to do is not going to be able to be done by a simple template edit... you are probably going to need to seek 3rd party intervention for a bespoke add-on.
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