How to change BBcode



Our forum is focused on learning foreign languages, and in translating we tend to mark things that can be taken as either plural or singular with [s ], minus the space. Now that we have migrated to Xenforo, though, all posts that use this syntax have converted it to a strike-through.

My idea to counteract this is to change the strike-through BBcode to [st]. But, it seems that this isn't straightforward to do. Can any of you point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

EDIT: I found /library/XenForo/BbCode/Formatter/Base.php and Wsiwyg.php, and changed 's' to 'st' in both. This causes posts to display properly. However, the editor still thinks that the code is [s ], which causes actual strike-through markup to break when editing existing posts or using the strike-through button.