How to change a text-link into an icon-link

Jake Bunce

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If you find the phrase then you can change the text to an image:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Search Phrases

This is an HTML img tag:

<img src="path/to/like.gif" />
The alignment can probably be changed with CSS. Can you post the URL to the page?


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Hi Jake

Thanks a lot - I did not know that.

Though I can't find the phrase to edit. There are a few like but I think this is the one:

Nothing happens when I change the phrase text though.
Are there a good way to find the phrase name of text?

Here is a link:
The small like-text is in the upper right corner - just beside the Album tools.


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Hi Jake - I found out:)

It is the same like as the Xenforo uses for the posts :(

That will limit the use of some crazy icons ;)