How to alter moderators privileges


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Hello, i was wondering how to set a moderators move ability to only work inside the area he is set to moderate. Currently i have subforums where one user is the moderator of only that subforum and the rest of the forum they are just a regular user. If they try to move a topic that is within the subforum that they moderate it gives them the ability to move the topic to any area they can post to.

I would like them to only be able to move the topic to an area within the subforum they moderate.

Tried setting the specific permissions under each other node he is not a a moderator to revoke for moderator permissions and that also did not work. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Also more info, we are using Joinable usergroup add on by Waindigo, not sure if that alters anything with the moderator permissions globally.
That will take an add-on. It will need to check for the highest parent forum a user is a moderator for, and then generate the move list from it's child forums.

This may be possible by editing a template too, not really sure as I never really looked at those templates, but I can not see this being that feasible if you have a lot of moderators for different forums.
I agree with Lawrence, think you are going to need an add-on for this. Certainly makes no difference that you are using my Joinable Usergroup add-on.

If you are interested in paying to have this add-on made, I would be happy to discuss -- please send me a PM. Obviously there would be a charge for this.
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