How to add widgets in top of the forum


Hi. I migrated my forum from vb4 to xf. in vb4 i made a lot of adaptions.
What i want do do first ist to add 3 blocks below the menu as you can see here:
Jasc Paint Shop Pro - Image1_2013-09-17_18-56-10.png
In this blocks i like to show some announcements generated with a php functionthat gets the html code to show a image ( showLatestPic() ).
how is the concept to hook in my php functions? where i have to place this function call?
thanks for help!


ok, code will be generated, but not shown on page :(

if i place the code into the footer template (just for testing):
<xen:callback class="HiTe_SimpleCallback" method="getSimpleOutput">XenForo ist cool</xen:callback>
that generates this html code who looks correct in my opinion:
<a target="_blank" href=""><img src="" alt="Klick auf das Banner um zu der Homepage zu gelangen" title="Klick auf das Banner um zu der Homepage zu gelangen" border="0" width="468" height="58"></a>
do i need to enhance also the footer.css to show the banner correct?

this is the banner i like th show:
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I don't using callback but i recommend you should use Template Hook for that :) This is simply to way


adblock plus blocked de banner....
adblock plus deactivated and it works perfekt!
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