XF 1.5 How to add new pages

how to add new pages on xenforo? I found the "Create New Page" link in applications, but if I create one it will create a new forum too.

2. How to add profile fields in post view?

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It doesn't show as a forum, it's a different node type.

You can set the options for it to not show in the node list.

To add a link to it in the menu, you would have to edit the navigation template, or use an add-on.


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Sorry I dont find the option that it dont show in Forums...
See Brogan's first post on how to make Page nodes (you have to be an administrator and have the "Manage nodes" permission).

As Brogan also said, if you want to add a link to a Page node to a menu, you either have to edit the navigation template (you have to be an administrator and have the "Manage styles, style properties, and templates" permission) or alternatively use an add-on such as Nodes as Tabs (which you can find in the Resources section on this site).