XF 1.5 How to add image to a posting?


Hi all,

I would like to upload an image and place it somewhere to the text I write but where can I do that= When I click on the image icon on top, it asks me for the image URL. A general user will never understand that and be sure for most of them it is a pain to upload an image to any image host first.

Is there any addon or a solution to add images in an understandable easy process for users?



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You can upload an image using the Upload a File button below the quick reply editor. Once it's been uploaded, it can then be inserted into the post using the Full Image or Thumbnail buttons that appear next to the image attachment.


Thank you Martok.... from a user perspective, it´s quite a bit confusing, would be great if Xenforo could add this feature into the editor and not below where nobody sees it and thinks it is a kind of seperated function.