XF 1.5 How to add forum to "Latest replies" widget


I have a widget that shows Latest replies that lists answers and posts for the main part of my categories and forums.
The widget can be accessed on both our front page and above the category list, as many users have this list as their main view.
But it would be great to add the name of the forum where the thread is posted too.
I can see this info in the list New Posts (that is also a useful view, but that view "hides" all posts when I have read them).
There is users wanting one or the other...
I have tried to change widget types so I get this info as well, without luck.

So how can I add the forum info in this view?
And if possible, I would like to add a "+ show more" at the bottom as well, letting the users browse though older posts as well.
That would enable me to show a shorter list of posts..