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XF 1.5 How to add cool side buttons, and center "widgets" ? Example site.

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Hey guys, super excited to finally purchase this software, I was apart of a community who used it and loved the look.

I'm curious though how do I add "widgets" before the forum. For example on this site: https://www.crystal-desert.com/index.php

They have the "Crystal Desert YouTube - Highlights" widget with the video embedded I understand that. and also another one below.

"Crystal Desert WvW Score - 13 minutes until update."

I'd love to know how I could do this myself I'd appreciate help greatly.
I'm absolutely loving this add-on! I managed to add my teamspeak 3 widget on the side. I just have a question. If I want to create a widget like the one on https://www.crystal-desert.com/index.php the 2 ones above the actual forum (I just want them to show up above on the main page, not every page) would anyone know what I would use for the position? I'd really appreciate help, sorry for being a newbie.
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