Add-on How to Accomplish These Requirements with Add-Ons

I have a plan in my mind about how I'd like several aspects of my site to work. However, so far I've not been able to reconcile them all with each other due to compatibility issues. I am hoping to lay out my requests below, along with how I've sought to satisfy them, to see if anyone has any better ideas. Thanks in advance.

1. I want a portal for news, so I installed Extra Portal
2. I want an RSS feed of my news, so I put all my news into a single news forum
3. I would also like the news threads to be in their respective subject-matter forums, so I started posting the threads in the subject-matter forums and permanent-redirecting them into the news forum.

The first problem:
4. I want my RSS feed to be posted to Twitter automatically, so created an IFTTT recipe for this. However, to use #hashtags, I have to put the hashtags in the thread title, which is problematic for SEO purposes when this necessitates mashing together #TwoWords.

Here's where things started really breaking down:
5. I want to be able to use HTML in my posts, so installed HTML BBCode. However, this add-on is not currently compatible with Extra Portal, it seems.
6. I want to be able to schedule news posts at various times throughout the day, so I installed Scheduled Post. However, it also does not appear to be compatible with Extra Portal (and it also has bugs at the moment).

Do any of you have some good ideas about how I can go about accomplishing all (or more) of the above?

Thank you!