How soon will you go live after beta-release?


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When do you plan to go "live" with a new site after you get your fingers in the software?

We have seen Kiers "we do not recommend using beta version on production sites". Yeah
right, Kier, I may have some interesting ideas that just wait on your release, and after that, 1, 2, 3, GO! :D. And for 100 dollars only, I cannot afford not to try some ideas.


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When the first stable release comes out, I have it working how I want and I have my theme ported over / my members are comfortable using this software. I will not rush anything.

Anthony Parsons

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Near immediately. As long as it takes me to complete the download process, install it, setup the forum and permission structure, legal, FAQ, etc... and it will be live. I would say two days... tops.


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Soon as an IPB 3.0.x -> XF converter is available. Until then I'll be working on the theme for that same forum on a test install :)


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How soon? Probably a month or two; I need to get used to writing modifications with it, and work on getting used to the styling system XF has.


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I have a vB site I took down to use the license for something else. So I'll be loading it on the down site within a few days. Stable or unstable I won't care too much if the site crashes or has problems. If it has problems I'll learn more about xF while fixing it.


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Step by step.
1. Install in an other directory on my private domain und protect it with .htaccess
2. Import from the current vB3-database to xF-Database
3. Then I "play" and explore xF and translate the frontend partially
4. After release "Gold" and update current database I open the forum

That's the general plan for me. ;)


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My plan is to install it locally to play with it. Configure it to how I want, upload it, launch it.


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My plan is to install it locally to play with it. Configure it to how I want, upload it, launch it.
+1 Assuming an upgrade path for future Betas, final.

We would need to ensure our primary skin is converted, and we can load our existing db. Of course we might just jump on our new project and go for broke :)


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Create a design (should be easy from what we've all seen), make a few modifications and release after heavy testing. Probably two weeks, at minimum.


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10 minutes, then cry because my members don't get It and want vb3 back... (sigh)

Forum members just don't like change.

The swines...


I'm installing xenforo on a new site so chances are it won't go live officially until the RC stages most likely.


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It depends for me. Once I get XF installed and run some tests, such as a mock VB import, I need to style everything to be similar to the Wordpress skin I'm working on (that isn't even really done yet). I want to launch XF when I launch the new version of my site. Time, well, anywhere from a few weeks to a few months (depending on time I can commit).

steven s

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I'm going to start on a new site immediately and see what my current site looks like imported to xF.

If this is alpha, I can't imagine what Gold will be like. :)


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Will setup XF on a test database, get the theme right and see where we go from there. If it's how we want it won't matter if it's in beta or gold we'll go for it :).