How much will it afffect my server resource if i host mp3s for download

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I have been thinking about supporting our local bands by allowing them to sell (or share freely) music through my site. I intend to do this through the resource manager, of course once it is available. But before it is available i want to do some homework first. Would be glad if anyone could help me.

Few questions i'd like to ask are:
  1. how much will hosting mp3 for download strain my server. I am currently on shared server (working just fine) and I intend to upgrade to VPS for this. The traffic will not be much 100-200 in a day.
  2. Will it make any difference if i pack them up in albums instead of single mp3s
  3. If it does strain my server too much then is there anyway (third-party apps) to host these mp3s for dowloads.. economical solutions
Thanks in advance
Well, it depends of course. On the size of the mp3 files, the number of the mp3 files, and the number of downloads. If you host 2 mp3 files, each 3mb in size and 1 person downloads it every day, you'll probably be fine ;) So try to figure out how much you'll be hosting and how much you expect to be downloaded, compare that to what your host is offering in terms of storage room and data usage, and add in what your site is currently using, and you should have an answer.
The only strain this will put on your server will be on disk space and bandwitdth usage. It does not make a difference to XenForo whether the hosted attachments are media files (pictures, music) or text files.

While there is probably not much difference concerning disk space usage, putting your files in albums will force users to download more data, thus using more bandwidth. If you put them in single file attachments, you will also be able, via simple template modifications, to insert a streaming music player.
Thanks @Sador @MODM @Pope Viper
The only strain this will put on your server will be on disk space and bandwitdth usage.
My host says they provide unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth on my current plan... i anticipate around 20-50 people downloading the mp3 files on any given day.. (yes i am gonna put them up as single file instead of clubbing them together in albums). I am not sure about this UNLIMITED plan from my host..
Here's what I use for my music collection. It allows for cataloging, creation of play lists, etc.

Not sure how you tie it into a sales system, though.
Trying to figure out what that is... thanks
Unlimited? Not physically possible.

If you think it is.... Please be so kind as to point me where I can purchase 1 unlimited hard drive or the ISP (internet service provider) who has unlimited bandwidth at no extra cost. :)

The unlimited ram would be nice too, along side with the unlimited cpu with unlimited cpyu cores. As a bonus, I'd also like to order myself one of those unlimited video cards. lol :p
Gosh... i understand the Unlimited Gimmick and hence my intention to upgrade to a better server.
are you allowing streaming?
Yes.. MJ. I intend to stream those mp3s too. In fact that will make the user know what they want to download. The selling part is not imporatnt.. it will be taken more like a donation to support the bands.

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