How much should I charge for ads


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Someone asked me about advertising on my forum. How much should I charge with the following stats:
Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.03.10 AM.png

I know it depends on the size of the banner and location but, let's just say on all pages, and banner size is responsive.


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In the future you should post in forum management for this sort of thing. It has nothing to do with Xenforo support. Im sure someone will move it though.


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Not really sure what you should charge for ads, but have you considered simply using an automated ad network?
Google adsense, or adversal might do the trick

Since you are running a forum with a high view count, I'd actually recommend trying out Adversal as they pay per view, regardless if it turns into a click or not (see ref link above)

Just make sure you check the security settings to match the level of comfort you have with brand vs non brand ads

Anthony Parsons

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I think your site will be difficult, because you only have 100k users a month, but high returning sessions. Showing the same ad to returning users typically doesn't advantage advertisers. Adsense would work better and give you a good RPM figure over time to charge prospective private advertisers, due to inventory size and showing ads based on user browsing history.

$2 per 1000 impressions is usually a good place to start, OR, implement an external ad company that allows real-time bidding on ad space. That way you let the advertiser determine the price and will quickly discover worth.

Ad worth is very unique per site and niche.