How much control do we have over SEO URL?


Currently I use VB/VBSEO, and I think they have the best url structure...

and there are forums that force you to use un-needed stuff in your url like IPB...

My VB URL example:


XEN: If i can do something like this:

As you can see, vb does not use extra uneeded words before the url begins...
and I do like the fact that the catID is at the end of the url, and not in
in the front, as people read from left to right, but telling IPB this is
just like talking to yourself with answers like "It cant be done"

so am I able to do this with XenForo?


Reeve of Shinra

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1. I believe in 1.1 the importer will allow you to keep your original thread id's which is a huge plus if you plan on migrating to xenforo.

2. Xenforo has pretty friendly url structure which you can see in action on this very site and seems in line with what you are requesting.
(a) thread id is at the end of the url --
(b)forum id is at the end of the url --

3. That said, I think xenforo could be a little more friend when it comes to url structure. I don't believe you can add the category name to the urls yet which would be a plus for certain vbseo users looking to migrate but there are rewrite rules available that will help you make the transition as painlessly as possible from an SEO point of view.