How many paid addons, paid styles have you bought for your site?

It has been a year since I convert my site from Vbulletin to Xenforo. When my site built on Vbulletin Suit I bought many paid modifications and used all of them with one style. I didn't have to change modifications and style so I could only focus on building content for my site.
When move to Xenforo I have bought some paid addons, include:
TAC(Tenants Anti-Spam Collection) - Anti-Spam Complete Collection
XenCentral Multisite System
Social Connect (for Facebook and Twitter)
XenScripts WordPress to XenForo Bridge
[bd] Social Share

However, some addons become useless such as Social Connect and Xenscripts because no further development. When stop using Xenscripts I also had to drop integration with Wordpress. This make me wasting a lot of time and could not focus on building content for my site. Site traffic also decreased so much.
Now, I think I should stop upgrading my site software about one year to save time for building content. I like Xenforo default style but some people says it's necessary to have a paid style for site. So should I buy one?



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UI.X - Multiple
UI.X Dark - Multiple
Quark - Multiple
Anti-Quark - Multiple
Class - Multiple
Soft Responsive - Multiple
Black Responsive - Multiple
Fusion Gamer
xenBook - Multiple
Octane - Multiple
xenFracture - Multiple
xenFracture Light

Post Ratings - Multiple
CTA Featured Threads - Multiple
[bd] Social Share
Xen Media Gallery
Who Has Visited in Last 24 Hours - Multiple
Competitions for XenForo
XM Widgets
Taiga Chat Pro - Multiple
Friend Inviter
Social Connect
News band
Responsive Design for XF
Who Downloaded Resource
Poke Forum Members
Stock Trader
GoodForNothing XenSocialize
Social Status Updater
Mass Alert

However, some addons become useless such as Social Connect because no further development
How is that useless? Where did it state development has ceased on this add-on, I never saw @Chris D say that is was not ever going to be worked on again. I skipped back a few pages and didn't even see any suggestions from you as to what could be added to enhance the add-on itself. If you feel things could be added, please post them in the thread. Chris has always been a dev that does listen to customers, and adds what he thinks makes the add-on more complete. He doesn't just shoot ideas down to do it.

Anywho, that's my list that I can see. I scanned pretty quickly, so not sure if I missed any or not.


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To many to list over the years.. Many i have no use for but purchased to test or the plugin was replaced by core functionality.. So in reality i'm only actively using about a dozen premium or custom plugins on various sites. OF course that isnt including free options.