How long will 1.x be supported?

While it is great to see 2.0 released, upgrading seems like it will be a big effort and investment. Many add-ons are still not supported while some older ones may never be. While the 2.0 update is free to license holders, this is not true for many add-ons.

So, honestly I am struggling. I honestly do not see anything in the core 2.0 offering that will make my users go "Wow" They would certainly notice if add-ons like reply to post via email vanished.

So, for how long will 1.x be supported? 2.0 will entail some hard decisions and real costs. Just wondering how long before I will have to make that decision.



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I think it was mentioned elsewhere that it's still supported for bugs and security updates for an indefinite period of time, though I don't think it's getting new feature updates.

You should be fine staying on XF 1.5, though. Of course, it isn't going to be feasible for all forums to upgrade. The main improvements are in the code base, though, and I think due to that XF2 is going to see far more complex and better quality add-ons than XF 1.x did. For that reason alone, you shouldn't be closed to the idea of upgrading to XF2 imo. I'm pretty sure some of those add-ons could make your users go "wow".

If there's add-ons you need updated to XF2 but you don't believe are going to be updated, try posting an add-on request and another developer might recreate it.