XF 2.2 How long should an update take?


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I went ahead and upgraded from 2.1x to the latest 2.23. I had to do a manual upload, of the files, which I did.

Was presented with this message :


I ran the command on the command line.

Our site is quite large 4.5M posts but no attachments, just text.

My admin CP says: "The site is currently being upgraded. Please check back later." although the version at the lower right says 2.2.3

It's been a half an hour already. How long will this take and is there any way to see progress?
The terminal window in WinSCP closed after I entered that into it. Is there a way I can check progress again by entering something on a Win SCP command line?
I didn't get any progress notices - the window just closed. Although it must have done something because the version # has changed. How can I see progress?
The terminal window wouldn't just automatically close - I've never heard of that happening before.

Try navigating to /install in the browser.
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