How easy can I remove the rss icons in the forum view?


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Thanks I understand this. From my understanding there are dozens of .css templates within xenforo, but only one css file is executed for the end user, and this css template is the compressed mix of all of all relevant css templates. Is that right? If this is right, is the extra.css template also in the mix of the other templates?

In other words: Is there an additional file to be executed from the browser if I fill out the extra.css?


It's an engine.

There's a .php file that loads the appropriate css classes for that page, for that user, and in some instances, for that browser as well.

EXTRA.css is at the end of the line, and loads on every page.

This way you could leave the original css alone, and overwrite their values in extra.css - making upgrading very handy/easy/quick/ and painless.


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An extra item for the browser for a first time visitor is unfortunately not good :( - that's why the sprites are for - to reduce the items the browser has to fetch.