How does XenForo handle older browsers and new HTML5 elements?


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I just viewed XenForo in IE8, and I see the HTML5 elements used throughout the default template render correctly without a problem.

Older web browsers which don't support HTML5's new elements are typically dealt with using avascript hacks like HTML5 Shiv. I can't find this being used in XF, nor do I see any other conditional comments. Kier has also stated that XF is designed to work with Javascript disabled, so I'm a bit perplexed as to how exactly the guys are pulling this off. What am I missing?
The new elements are wrapped in (or contain divs), which are what is styled in the CSS. I'm pretty sure older browsers just ignore the new tags, so having them in there anyways doesn't cause problems.
It's the only way to have the new tags degrade gracefully without javascript in older browsers. A bit redundant I guess, but it doesn't hurt anything.
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