How do you let members nominate threads for feature?

Amin Sabet

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I use @Brogan 's CTA Featured Threads & Portal to feature some threads on the site front page and @Luke F 's Post Ratings addon to let people rate posts.

Ideally one of those would have a built in way for members to nominate threads, but neither does. Up until now, I've had members posting to a dedicated thread to nominate for feature, but that is very cumbersome and underutilized. Example:

I thought about using thread tagging, eg having members tag with "nominate" when they want to nominate a thread, but that's suboptimal as well since it wouldn't show me how many members had nominated any given thread.

Has anyone come up with a good way to do this?


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Does the post ratings add-on increment the first post likes for positive/user defined ratings?

If so, you can use the automatic feature function based on the various criteria such as likes, views, replies.