How do you encourage people to post in the right places?


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So, when I revamped CODForums back in late October, everything was good and dandy, but then from Black Ops 2 launch day forward and into Christmas... I see people posting in the wrong places.

I have to move their threads into the right forum every time.

So, then one day, I'd had enough of that, I decided to make a new notice on login...
Welcome to CODForums, recruits! In order to get started, please read our Forum Rules. If you want to post a montage, or video, please use our Media Forum, do not spam across multiple forums. Finally, if you are a clan leader or recruiter, PLEASE use the Recruitment Forum! Otherwise, have fun posting!
And they still post in the wrong places! :(
Site looks great.
Even increasing the font size of the forum names improve the forum home ! Good work.

Why have a media only forum ?
It's nice to have a mixture so that people get a variety !
Media means everything from montages, videos, and so on.... I wanted to keep it short. Inside the forum is the longer version of the "Call of Duty Media" forum.
You have to start with the assumption that they're lazy and/or stupid and make it as simple and clear as possible. This will reduce it but you will never completely eliminate it.
I don't think it's a good idea to have media and non-media forums.
But if you did want people to access Media only posts .... I would have only 1 forum ... but with a filter for media only threads.

Would be helpful if this was possible.
I know what it means !
Why have separate forum for: Call of Duty no-media and Call of Duty Media ? Why not just have one ?
Okay, sorry for the delay in responding. I was interrupted when I was posting that above.

Anyway; I'm more of an organized person, so I would prefer not to mix montage threads with the general discussion of Call of Duty games. And I've seen another BO2 forum have this problem; members don't like it either. They complained that there isn't a dedicated video/montage/media forum yet.

But CODForums did have dedicated media forums, they used to reside inside those specific COD forum sections. I moved all of them into "Call of Duty Media" because I wanted to match the success of leading Call of Duty forum now known as (Formerly COD4Boards). They have the same structure.
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