How do you embed a Google doc on here?


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Anyone know how to embed a google doc viewer on here or PDF file? Can we put HTML code in Xenforo messages? Is that a feature option? Does the software let you host PDF so the google viewer can read the file?


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You can attach a PDF file, but you can't use HTML in posts so at this moment you can't embed a Google Document or PDF inline with the message. :)


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Wow no HTML allowed? Is that just for this board or is it for all Xenforo boards? I hope that feature to allow HTML is coming soon in the next version of the software. Pretty shocking, it's not here.


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Pretty shocking, it's not here.
Not really.
Allowing raw HTML to be posted in threads opens the site up to all sorts of exploits.

As Erik said above, that's why BB Code was created.

If you want to embed a Google doc (presumably using an iframe), just create a custom BB Code for it using KK's BB Code Manager.