How do you add a poll to an existing thread?


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I can tell ya how, but ya may not like the way I do it lol

The fastest way (for me) is to create a new temp thread with a poll. Then you need to make 2 quick changes to the Database to move the poll from the temp thread to the thread you want the poll in. You need the thread_id for the thread you want the poll in.

TABLE: xf_poll -- FIELD: content_id -- CHANGE ID from the Temp Thread to the Thread ID that you want to move the poll into

Then you need to edit the thread table to add a value to the discussion type field. (the row for the existing thread)

TABLE: xf_thread -- FIELD: discussion_type -- ADD THIS VALUE: poll

then delete the temp thread..


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It isn't possible to add to a poll to an existing thread but there is an easier way than above.

Create a new thread with a poll.
Merge the existing thread into the new poll thread as the destination.