XF 2.2 How do usergroup overrides with with number fields?


I understand how the permissions work for multiple usergroups when it comes to the yes/no/never permissions, but I haven't read anything about other types of fields.

What if the base primary group sets "Maximum file size" to 0 and then an additional group sets it to 5 and some other group (admin, moderator, etc) sets it to 10? Does the primary group win? Or just the highest number in the field across all groups?
What about permissions where a lower number is the "better" value? For example "Time limit on editing/deleting own posts", it would seem a lower number is the "better" number for cumulative permissions. For example an admin or moderator might want a time limit of 0, but regular members it could be 5 minutes. If the permissions use a "highest number wins" then the admins would also have the 5 minute limit?

Of course it would be easy for me to test this and find out what overwrites what, but I'd like a more official answer and what the rules are. Maybe others have this question too.

And since plugins can add additional group permissions, can they possibly have different rules for how the permissions cumulate? Maybe I write a plugin where I want "highest number wins" on some permission and "lowest number wins" on a different permission, can I do that?

Anyway I'm just curious how other fields work beside the yes/no/never fields.
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