How come I can't view attachments or post in certain threads on this site?


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These attachments are available to license holders only.

Also, how would you be able to test it out without having XenForo on your server?


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I just signed up for the demo to test it out, I wasn't sure whether certain add ons would be testable in the demo environment?


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Why can't I post, view or download attachments in the Customer forums?
These forums are restricted to licensed customers only. Up to four forum user names can be associated with each customer account, enabling license owners to grant access for their site staff.

I have a license yet I still can't post, view or download attachments in the Customer forums.
Ensure you have associated your forum user name with your customer account. If you used the same email address for both accounts, they will be synchronised automatically. It can take up to 10 minutes to process.


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So I guess I can't download and test any of the plugins on the demo environment then?
That wouldn''t be possible even if you could download mods from here. Because that will require uploading of files and there is no ftp or any other kind of access to the files at the demo board.