How can you tell if an online forum is made with xenForo, phpbb or vbulletin?


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I see a lot of different forums, some look pretty decent, just wondering, can you tell by just looking at the forum style or source code what software a forum uses? If so, what do you look for?
anyone know with what software this site is made with?:

Doesnt look like xenforo, vbulletin, nor phpbb
I believe BGG have created it themselves.

Wow. That's hard on the eyes. :censored:
Indeed, it's not the best looking site by any means (it's one I regularly use). It's a huge site with a wealth of information and the issue they have is trying to bring it all up-to-date. This is being done in stages it seems, as you can see on some pages that the design is different, for example on the games pages such as this the header and menu is different from what's on the home page The forums though are quite dated when compared to the likes of XenForo.
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