Style How can I set up thread title color or background? @Theme: Dimension Dark + D.C Style - Thumbnail ?

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Hi Guys!

I just bought Dimension Dark but I have a huge issue with it: Im using D.C Style - Thumbnail ad-on - great and all - BUT in Dark mode (this theme) you can see the title at all because of the colors.
There's two options in it: Gradient and "Modern" neither of them works... ( I took photo with both)
The best would be if I can change the "white background " in gradient mode - I also added the source of it in the pic below...

Of course I was able to change the title colour it was at "Color palette/ Neutral /Neutral 1 BUT it changed the color of a lot more than just the title color... so it's a no go.

Any solution for this?

Thanks a lot!


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You have already posted a thread about this and been advised how to obtain support.

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