XF 1.2 How can I rearrange the sidebar?


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Right now, my sidebar is :
Staff Online
Members online
Members online recently
Forum Statistics
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User of the Month

I'd like to rearrange that so that it is:
User of the Month
Members online
Members online recently
Staff online
Forum Stats
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Can anyone point me in the right direction to do this? I saw in 1.1 it says to edit the template forum_list. I had a look at this but I don't see the 'User of the Month' block anywhere in there.

Thanks for the help and many apologies if this is the wrong board for this question!


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User of the Month block is not a default sidebar block. It comes from an add-on.
You must ask the add-on author in the respective add-on topic.


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That won't help if the add-on has injected the content using a hook or template modification.

Hence why the question needs to be asked in the add-on thread.