XF 2.1 How can I protect or identify my addons if they has been released on NULLED forums


Hello everybody,

I guess here are some people who could give me some nice tipps on how I can include a protection or identification of my addons to the buyers if they has been uploaded to some of the nulled forums.

I know there are some functions like call home callbacks, but I would like to collect some more information on how I can protect my addons. I've no idea, if some of you will answer, because if all of these Technics will be known, the hackers might know it as well.

Any tipps are welcome.



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Honestly, there is nothing you can do. Any sort of mitigation you try can be overcome.


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Agreed, it's sad.. But there isn't much you can do to be honest. (whatever battle you try to engage to fight the null community will only end in you focusing less on your addons, and this might lose you paying customers.)

Lukas W.

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Multi-million dollar companies struggle with it till date. Best advice? Don't bother. You don't really lose out on those "customers", they wouldn't buy it anyway.
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Thanks for all of your answers. I know it will be a fight against windmills, but still interesting what can be done.

au lait

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Game makers, software makers ... everyone is looking for the grail. The fact is, copy protection hits the honest one and those who are supposed to hit remove it. PHP is the easiest in the world ...

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