XF 2.2 How can I find posts with not inserted attachments?

Thanks. But these left me with images as full attachments and additionally as non-inserted attachments for old posts when some updates were applied. Whenever this happened I do not know.

And users didn't insert all attachments anymore and got used to it.
Is there a way to prevent the user to publish the post without inserting the image? (Like when there is no post-text)
If you are looking to prevent short posts you could try this:
You didn't mention that before. Here you go:

And I might add that thumbnails are the black plague. The images have to be full-sized. :D
So this is intentional. Why try to change a user's intention?
I get this sometimes. Users insert images as attachments when they actually wanted the images embedded in the post. So they are happy to learn how to do it.

I’d prefer if images could only be added via the image icon, and attachments were just for other files.

Or if they at least all automatically got inserted and displayed as full image in the post.
They don't do it by intention. The do it because they are used to the old habit that all attachments were inserted automatically as fullscreen.
And many users are annoyed.
They do not know better. And because of the automatic insertion before by an add-on many old threads have additionally to the full-sized images every image as an attachment.
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