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XF 1.4 Approaching 1 mil posts, how can I find out 1 millionth post?


Well-known member
Right now the last post direct url is; 967763 but our messages from sidebar stats says
How can I find out which post would be the 1,000,000 post since they dont match up?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
The post ID doesn't necessarily match the count due to deleted posts.

The easiest way is to check in phpMyAdmin but even then, what may be the 1 millionth post at that particular time, won't necessarily always be it, if posts are subsequently deleted.

It's really a pointless thing to do.

Harpers Tate

Well-known member
The easiest thing, I guess, is for you to unilaterally decide that the millionth post (prize winner) will be the post that has the post ID =1 million. And then look for that. In other words your millionth post count will include posts no longer present because of deletions.

Failing that, as you approach your milestone, calculate the difference (= number of deleted posts); keep it up to date with any new deletions, and look for post ID {1 million + difference}.

The latter will be harder for a would-be prizewinner user to predict with any accuracy.


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I would just use the post ID and tell your members deleted posts are also counted.
It's still the 1 millionth post!

Then it's easy to prove who made that post.
The only thing is that the stats on your forum will show less posts because they are deleted.