XF 1.2 How can I create domain.com/PAGEURL rather than domain.com/pages/PAGEURL

I am creating a new page in the node admin display and when I enter the "URL Portion" for the page it gets added to a subdirectory /pages/ on the site.

Is there a way that I can make all URL portions link directly from my main domain rather than the pages subdirectory?

I want to use domain.com/URLportion instead of domain.com/pages/URLportion

Even better would be the ability to change the subdirectory in the rewrite... IE domain.com/CUSTOMSUBDIRECTORY/URLportion
You can change the pages route using the Route Filters function, but you can't remove it.
Thanks I'm reading about the route filters right now.

Right now I currently use Wordpress CMS & front end & Xenforo for a forum but I am converting the entire site to Xenforo. There are several old URL's which have strong search engine placements and I don't want to hurt the ranking of those individual pages.

Is there a way that I can setup static pages at a specific URL off of the main hub of my domain? ie domain.com/OLD-URL-WHICH-RANKS-WELL
Sweet it looks like you can remove the /pages/ directory using route filters function as long as the page name is unique and doesn't overlap.
  • Find: pages/long-unique-url-here/, replace: long-unique-url-here/