How can I contact someone via PM without a XF license?


I am trying to reach out to someone in the Third-party services & offers forum about a price quote. However, it states only those with a XF license may post. This would normally be fine, however I'm trying to get a price quote for migrating a vBulletin forum to XenForo - I cannot buy the license before knowing if a transfer of my nature would even be possible. This doesn't make sense. I also cannot PM the member, or anyone else (so it's not a matter of them having disabled PMs), to ask. I assume this is also because I do not have a license.

Can someone kindly provide an alternative? I can't be expected to make a license purchase if I'm not sure whether my request is doable. Thank you!
So it doesn't seem like Off topic posts count towards your post count, as mine aren't going up. Are there any other alternatives? I can't exactly post in the XF forums without having a license yet.
Appreciate it! Hadn't thought of that. Bit oddly inconvenient, but it works!

Would you kindly be able to start a conversation with me to discuss the possibility of migrating a vBulletin forum to XF? I can't do it myself since I don't have a license. Thank you!