Lack of interest How about a "Find the code" overlay for developers?

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I am having 2 x Xenforo forums custom styled to my requirements and my developers seem to spend a lot of their time on detective work to decipher where the code for a buttom we want to move is or where a border is that needs to be a different colour can be adjusted etc.

So what if there was a developer mode that activated a cursor / hover over 'overlay' that gave info on the part of the page that the cursor was on?

So if the cursor was moved to be on a tab (say the "Whats new?"button ) then via predefined preferences the developer would be given a side pannel overlay with:

Info on where in the template that button was (and a link to it)
Info on where the text on the button could be changed (and a link to it)
Info on where the action of the button could be altered (and a link to it)
etc etc.

Or is this a too simplistic idea?

There doesnt seem to be a how to find stuff you might want to customise manual (or have I got that completely wrong?)

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