Hosting images on external server


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In my forum I would like my users to use an external server for image hosting; something like or similar that let you link the image pasting the code in the message. This is to avoid to have too much traffic just to show images in the threads.

I remember that in the VB days there was a mod that let me do that simply adding a button in the editor bar for that purpose. Should suffice a button that ask you to choose the image, upload it on imgur (for example) and paste the code inside the message.

Since nothing similar does exist for xenforo, anyone has a suggestion or a solution for that?

Jake Bunce

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Normally your users would upload the image to the hosting service and then use an IMG tag in their post. I haven't seen any addons to automate that process.


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Sure Jake, this is what happens now. I would like to automate it since there are many users that have some difficulties doing that...