XF 1.5 Hoping there's a good samaritan who's amazing with CSS debugging.


I'm hoping someone can help me. While I fully realize this is likely a question for Jaxel... those of us who have bought his very awesome products, know that he is not all about technical support - especially if he deems it a stupid question.

If you look at http://clubnub.com vs http://clubnub.com/threads/nvidia-drivers-vs-the-division.9834/ (same issue I'm having at http://clubnub.com/streams/) you'll notice that the class secondaryContent blockLinksList seems to have had its div expanded and that, in turn, has messed up the position of the search bar.

Yes, this is only happening on pages directly tied to Jaxel's product. Yes, I have asked for assistance in his discussions. Could someone take a look anyway and just, kind of point me in the right direction of where I might need to be looking? I've been elbow deep in Chrome and FireFox's inspect tool for the better part of 6 hours and while I keep finding promising leads, they're all dead ends.

It may be important to mention that I installed the two add-ons prior to an upgrade from 1.4.6 to current, but this new "look" didn't start until post upgrade (and yes, I've resolved all Outdated Templates).
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